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Norman Chorn


Norman is a strategy and organisation development practitioner who works in Australia, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. After leaving a leading consulting firm, Norman founded the Centre for Strategy Development, a strategy and research firm with affiliations in UK and North America.

He works in the areas of:

  • Future building – planning the future in highly uncertain environments, using various approaches such as scenario planning and brain based solutions
  • Organisation development – designing and developing innovative organisations
  • Growth and corporate resilience – achieving growth and adaptation.

Norman has particular skills in developing future strategy and aligning organisations with their current and future environments. He has developed a range of proprietary techniques and approaches to achieve this enhancement in organisational performance.

Norman has published widely in his field and has contributed to a range of journals and international conferences. His recent book, Strategic Alignment, has received acclaim in the management and business press and the 2nd edition has just been published. His new book, The Future Builders, deals with the practices of creating the future and organisational adaptation in uncertain environments. This is due for publication shortly.

He holds visiting and adjunct appointments at a number of leading Graduate Schools of Management, including Macquarie University (Australia), the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and Otago Graduate School of Business (NZ).

Prior to his consulting career, Norman held a variety of senior Marketing and General Management positions in the services and manufacturing sectors.

He has a BA (Economics and Sociology) from the University of Cape Town, a Post- graduate Diploma in Management, an MBA, and PhD from the University of Witwatersrand.

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