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Once upon a time… there were four organisational development consultants who loved their work in the fields of strategy, change management, leadership development and organisational psychology. They constantly searched the world (and the internet) looking for innovative ways to support organisations and enable the people who worked there to thrive.

The further they looked from home, the closer to home the answers seemed to be. They realised the answers lay within the people and the organisations, not outside of them. Many of the most useful answers, it turned out, lay within the realm of neurology i.e. the brains that people bring to work and how they use them.

Based on this revelation, the next quest was to understand the brain and find ways of measuring the brain at work so that people could apply that knowledge to increase personal effectiveness and workplace productivity.

They consulted with neuroscientists and experts around the world and found that there were many people who proclaimed they had all the answers and a few who were actually using science to research and validate the answers. This intrepid band of consultants took the scientific route until…

Finally, back in Australia and New Zealand, the consultants created a series of products so that their clients can share in the knowledge and benefit from the science. These products inform, educate, measure and implement brain based changes at an individual and organisation level.


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