Team Development

There are two key offerings for teams who wish to improve their overall effectiveness and performance within an organisation.
Each is underpinned by a unique brain-based diagnostic that identifies the 17 key brain capacities of the team’s members, and then identifies those areas that will best leverage an improvement in the team’s performance.

Develop my team

By using our unique ‘Grow your Team Brain’ program, we implement an integrated approach to the overall development of a high-performing team. The process involves a series of workshops and meetings whereby we outline the brain-based theory of a high-performing team, demonstrate its application, and then guide the team through the process of implementation.

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Run effective meetings

Run effective meetings introduces the practice of mindfulness and attention into the way we run meetings. By using neuroscience-based principles and processes, meetings are structured so as to enhance the quality of listening, making useful contributions, and effective decision making.

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