Organisational Strategy and Change

Our offerings for organisations address three key needs in the areas of complexity, future strategy and change. Each of these are underpinned by neurostrategy – the application of neuroscience principles and research to the enhancing of overall performance. In some cases, these offerings are complemented by programs for teams and individual leaders – all designed to provide an integrated and customised solution for improved organisational performance.

Brain new strategy

“Brain New Strategy” is the application of brain-based principles to the development and implementation of organisational strategy – at both corporate and business level. It focuses on the crafting of adaptive strategy that is suited to complex and uncertain environments. Of particular interest is the alignment of strategy, culture and leadership to the conditions of the external environment.

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Brain new future

‘Brain new futures’ allows organisations and their leadership to explore future strategy in a safe way. We know that leaders have difficulty in envisaging different futures for their organisation because of prevailing views and the fact that the unknown produces a strong non-conscious fear that can paralyse creating thinking. Our unique approach to constructing alternative scenarios for the future allows the organisation to consider the implications of different future conditions and strategies – all from a safe space that optimises creativity and strategic insight.

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Leading positive change

‘Leading positive change’ is a constructive approach to inducing organisational and cultural change. By recognising the brain’s non-conscious drivers and processes, we can construct compelling, yet realistic change strategies that maximise engagement and productivity. By avoiding the use of fear tactics (such as ‘burning bridges’) and maximising the use of ‘towards’ strategies, we create and implement change that sticks.

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