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There are two key offerings for teams who wish to improve their overall effectiveness and performance within an organisation. Each is underpinned by a unique brain-based diagnostic that identifies the 17 key brain capacities of the team’s members, and then identifies those areas that will best leverage an improvement in the team’s performance.

  • Each team member completes ABL’S (Academy of Brain-based Leadership) My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment (MBSLA). Their individual results are presented via a confidential debrief and supported, if necessary, by a customised coaching process
  • The individual MBSLA results are mapped against the five dimensions of Katzenbach and Smith’s ‘High Performing Team’ model and the correlations are noted
  • The diagnosis allows us to identify the key areas that will leverage the development and performance of the team. These include:
    • clear strategic purpose
    • explicit goal clarity
    • requisite processes
    • mutual accountability
    • complementary skills
  • Based on the outcomes of the MBSLA, we are able to focus our efforts in the development of the team and its members
  • Individual coaching will be provided to assist the team member develop productive individual and team contributions (see individual coaching)
  • The team development process will take place over a series of workshops and meetings. We will address:
    • the concept of “High Performance Team”
    • five key dimensions of the HPT – how they manifest
    • how the MBSLA results impact on these dimensions
    • which dimensions will provide leverage to the team’s development
    • how to develop the particular dimension(s) in the team
    • applying and institutionalising the practices and processes in the team
  • We monitor the implementation and coach the team over a series of meetings
  • We provide ‘refreshers’ to gauge progress and to ensure continuous improvement in team performance

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