Brain new future Organisational Strategy and Change

Our offerings for organisations address three key needs in the areas of complexity, future strategy and change. Each of these are underpinned by neurostrategy - the application of neuroscience principles and research to the enhancing of overall performance. In some cases, these offerings are complemented by programs for teams and individual leaders - all designed to provide an integrated and customised solution for improved organisational performance.

  • Understanding the concept of the ‘future’ – why we need different approaches
  • Setting up pathfinder groups to participate in the exercise – gaining commitment and diversity of perspective
  • Defining the current business idea – what makes the current business successful
  • Building alternative scenarios of the future – recognising the different drivers that shape the future
  • Wind- tunnelling the business idea against the alternative futures
  • Identifying the changes or improvements needed in the business idea of the future
  • Building an action plan to develop the ‘no regrets’ approach to a new business idea

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