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A brief overview of our recent Trans-Tasman seminar series, ‘Our Brain New World’, with some thoughts from those who attended.

BrainLink Group directors ran a successful series of seminar workshops in Australia and New Zealand. The seminars looked at the important topic of the future of the complex world of work and considered the brain as a metaphor for organisations.

We explored that powerful metaphor and discussed ways to create more effective brain based leadership now and as we face the changing world.See below for comments from participants:

“I attended an ‘Our Brain New World – Preparing for the Future’ breakfast in February and found the event thought provoking and informative. It challenged my thinking around how the brain impacts on leadership and change. I heard new ways to consider organisations which are complex, by comparing them with the brain, another complex organ. Both Dr Norman Chorn and Jenny McDonald present the information in a way that’s easy to comprehend. I came away with some new ways of thinking about the above and a desire to learn more. It was very worthwhile getting up early on a Monday morning to listen to.– Senior HR Advisor

“This was my first experience at a BrainLink Breakfast Event. I enjoyed it very much, it was good that it was outside my working day, not impacting on my schedule. The meeting was well organised, on time and informative. Not to mention I actually learnt something and put it into practice the next day! I would highly recommend to my colleagues for future events”--Senior Private Sector Manager

“A valuable, thought provoking session…Jenny and Norman do a great job of highlighting where emerging neuroscience insights can intersect with the world of corporate strategy. Quite literally, out of the box thinking…” – Senior Public Sector Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was very interesting to compare an organisation to a brain. Gave me a lot of aha moments and, that makes so much sense! I also enjoyed Jenny and Norm’s presenting style; a good pace, clear and inclusive of the audience. Although it is interesting information, it is important how it is delivered to maintain interest as well as being able to present it in a way that people can understand and appreciate the key messages. On top of which, it was most enjoyable to be able to network and discuss ideas with others.” – Senior Public Sector Advisor

If you are interested in hearing more about the Brain New World perspective, as well as future BrainLink Group events, please contact us.

We are also running a further Brain New World seminar in Wellington NZ on April 7th. See our next post or go to our Events section.

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