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Our latest article: Boost your Strategic Thinking

What is strategic thinking? How do we do it really? What does this really mean and how can we develop that ability? Click on the link to read our
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Our latest article: This is the year to challenge the NORM

When we think of the year that has just been, 2017 has to be a time to challenge the traditional approaches we’ve been using to understand leadership, strategy and
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Why Is Organisational Change So Hard?

We are constantly reminded that organisations are expected to change in ways that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago – and to do so quickly and with
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New Event: Our Brain New World – Lunch and Learn

Due to popular demand, BrainLink Group NZ present a new event: Our Brain New World - Lunch and Learn.
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Our Brain New World Seminar Series

The 'Our Brain New World' seminar series in March provided some engaging and thought-provoking material to those who attended.
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